OHB signs contract with Rocket Lab to launch small satellites with Electron Rocket

1st Sep 2020
OHB signs contract with Rocket Lab to launch small satellites with Electron Rocket

The German OHB Group signed a contract with Rocket Lab to launch some of its satellites onboard an Electron Rocket. This is the first contract between the two companies. However, both parties are very optimistic about this collaboration.

OHB launching satellites with Electron Rocket from Rocket Lab

The upcoming mission deals with launching one of OHB Group’s client telecommunication satellites. This launch is scheduled for early 2021 from the Rocket Lab site in New Zealand. One of the main aspects of this mission is its speed. Satellites will be launched just six months after signing the contract.

OHB chose the Electron rocket precisely for such a rapid turnaround. Previously, the company would stick to rideshare solutions and deliver payloads with mid-size and heavy carriers.

However, the Electron Rocket from Rocket Lab has a competitive advantage. While its payload capacity is limited, this carrier can ensure quick payload delivery to selected orbits. Today, this company is one of the leading providers in delivering small satellites and CubeSats to required orbits.

The company’s busy schedule for the next year is proof enough of that. Rocket Lab is heavily booked for 2021, which is why both of its launch complexes, in New Zealand and USA, will see some action, along with their Electron rocket.

Both parties concerned believe this is going to be a new step in mutual collaboration. The OHB Group and Rocket Lab are highly optimistic about this new opportunity for delivering small satellites into calculated orbits with a lightweight Electron rocket. 

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