Sutherland Spaceport: 1st UK site for vertical rocket launch & satellites delivery

27th Aug 2020
Sutherland spaceport

Sutherland spaceport have obtained all the necessary permissions for construction, vertical rocket launch and delivering satellites into calculated orbits. The facility should start operations in early 2022.

Sutherland spaceport recently secured all necessary planning permissions and will soon become the first UK facility for vertical rocket launch and delivering satellites into calculated orbits. The upcoming spaceport will need £17.3 million to complete and should include a control centre and a launchpad.

Sutherland Spaceport: vertical rocket launch and satellites delivery

The facility will be built on the A’ Mhòine peninsula, Scotland. While Sutherland spaceport is not the only planned rocket launch site in Scotland, this facility was the first to obtain all the necessary permissions.

The road to getting all permits for rocket launch was not smooth. More than 400 people have objected to the planning application on the basis that it would harm the environment and disrupt local wildlife.

However, Highland Council, responsible for granting the planning permission, carefully scrutinized the application and came to the conclusion that the Sutherland spaceport construction’ pros outweigh its cons. For starters, this project is believed to create around 40 local jobs and 250 more across the country, giving the local economy a much-needed boost. Besides, delivering Earth observation satellites into calculated orbits should help fight global warming in the long run. These satellites will monitor all climate change in real-time and help come up with solutions.

The first rocket launch and satellites delivery are due in early 2022. Currently, the local council has allowed up to 12 launches a year from the Sutherland spaceport. This should ensure both economic development and environmental safety of the region.

Whilst it’s not the only proposed rocket launch site in the UK, it does look like Sutherland spaceport will be the first to deliver satellites.

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