Skynet 6A Fleet Upgrade Signed Off by UK Ministry of Defence and Airbus

15th Aug 2020
Skynet 6A Fleet Upgrade Signed Off by UK Ministry of Defence and Airbus

The Military Skynet 6A satellite launch in 2025 has a new contract to commence significant updates to the previous system.

This extension includes enhancements on the building, cybersecurity, assembly, interconnectivity, the test, and take-off of the military-grade Skynet 6A.

But that’s not all; the satellite will also face developments in, locating, and command system, secure telemetry, take off and in-orbit testing, and on-ground subsequent updates on the already existing system.

Satellites being enhanced aren’t cheap so the budgeted amount is about 500 million Euros.

Why do satellites need upgrades?

Improvements mean everything is optimized. The new contract states that the Skynet will use the Airbus’s Eurostar Neo telecommunications satellite program running on the radio frequency spectrum. It will offer diversity and more capacity.

Skynet, Airbus and UK MOD Relationship

The previous contract run by Airbus has helped the UK’s Ministry of Defence security services since 2003. But that is one of many as they have done technological expeditions since the 70s. This new project improves the current relationship between all bodies.

In the years 2007 and 2012, four Skynet satellites were handled by Airbus.

Launch date and orbital position

The launch is set for 2025, although its position in the earth’s orbit has not yet been established. The new design is estimated to last at least 15 years.

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