The UK Has Built a SpaceCraft Which Has Captured The Sun’s Closest Images thanks to the UK Space Agency

10th Aug 2020
Close up image of the sun

Thanks to the UK Space Agency’s efforts, there is a spacecraft that flies very close to the sun. The vessel provides crucial information, which helps the experts know more about the sun’s inner workings.

The Solar Orbiter is a spacecraft built by Airbus in Stevenage with the UK Space Agency’s backing.

The spaceship is providing the closest images of the SUN to experts at the UK Space Agency. The machine can accomplish this as it is orbiting around Mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun. Due to the proximity, the spaceship is recording highly detailed images of the sun.

The Importance of the Images to the UK Space Agency

The images will help scientists to understand the inner workings of the sun. They will get a glimpse at the atmospheric layers on the sun. These atmospheric layers do affect weather events. Experts at the UK Space Agency state that The sun’s atmospheric layers are capable of disrupting electronic pulses on earth that GPS signals, mobile phones, and electric networks rely on to operate. 

Understanding Impacts on Weather

Thanks to the spaceship, experts can witness what is known as coronal mass ejection. These ejections are large particles that the sun ejects, and they are capable of interfering with the earth’s electromagnetic field. The UK has been at the forefront of funding the project. Thanks to the country’s commitment through the UK Space Agency, experts will know much more about our sun. 

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