Civil Aviation Authority to take control of space regulations

7th Aug 2020
Civil Aviation Authority to take control of space regulations

With the recent UK Government announcement that its Space launch activities will be regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and not the UK Space Agency, we are actually quite stunned at the industry not questioning this move. Or at the very least, asking for justification.

Surely the UK Space Agency would itself be quite put out by this announcement.

We wrote recently about the UK Government’s cozy relationship with huge US Aerospace companies and it willingness to “sell off” the newly created Space industry to company’s like Lockheed Martin.

This new announcement goes further into highlighting the way in which the UK Government is making sure it keeps a firm grip on its newly created space industry by keeping all key powers within its close circle of friends.

The Civil Aviation Authority oversees the country’s Air Traffic Control (NATS), which counts amongst its major shareholders none other than Lockheed Martin. A lot of people will be unaware of just how much control over our skies that Lockheed Martin has. Now, even more so.

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