UK Space Agency Supports the Delivery of Covid-19 Testing Kits with Space-enabled Drones

27th Jul 2020

As we mentioned earlier, the UK Space Agency, together with the European Space Agency, will support the transportation of CoronaVirus testing kits with space-enabled drones. The projects will run in three new schemes. 

The UK Space Agency is Collaborating with ESA to back the NHS Highland response to fighting the current Covid-19 pandemic. Amanda Solloway, the Science Minister, released the details this month.

Skyports, a space company, will be helping the NHS serve several islands off Scotland’s West coast using drones, mobile networking, and satellite navigation. The drones will be delivering medicals supplies from a hospital located on the mainland.

How the UK Space Agency-backed project works

The UK Space Agency project is divided into three schemes where an initial amount of £2.6 million was available. Then later, each received a total of £1.1 million. But still, the UK Space Agency and the ESA are looking into further funding of the project. Ideas are also welcomed until the end of September 2020.

An app called STAY will also be launched by Landmark limited to help the youth battle mental health during this period. By using the same tech like drones, individuals staying positive will be awarded badges that are redeemable for gifts.

Vulnerable communities to COVID-19 struck with poverty and age will also be identified through the ISOLATION+ solution, using data analytics techniques related to space.

The UK Space Agency is a fundamental body in making changes to help the country beat this pandemic through the best available technologies.

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