This Summer, The UK Space Agency will Sponsor 50 SP-Internships

26th Jul 2020

Even amidst the current pandemic, the UK Space Agency still promises to provide a paid-internship opportunity to fifty individuals. Seems like the show must go on.

This summer, the UK Space Agency will be funding 42 interns and the Space Flight Programmes. Plus an additional 11 undergraduates will be hosted and funded by several other organizations, including the SME in Edinburgh, the Open University, Satellite Applications Catapult, and Quotient.

Fifty-three applicants will take part in a virtual space sector induction in summer and autumn; they will showcase their work.

Who Qualifies For this UK Space Agency internship?

“The SPIN placements allow students to influence their own learning choices, providing them with an environment where they can showcase their skills and abilities to a range of employers.” said Kathie Bowden, UK Space Agency lead for Skills and Careers.

The UK Space Agency official also added that the experience would be a valuable addition to their CVs.

With an estimated growth in the space industry, the UK Space Agency is working hand in hand with the Space Placement in the Industry Scheme to offer this once-in-a-lifetime chance to the university undergraduates studying in fields related to space. The program has high hopes of finding new talent for job placement in the growing industry.

An estimated 30,000 jobs will be available for these young minds to take over in this coming decade.

The experience seems to steer them in the right direction from the students already enrolled, as Karla Halikova said:

“Big data and remote sensing are an up-and-coming field for an environmental scientist. Throughout my degree, I was not given the opportunity to explore them as much as I would have liked.” Adding that “This placement is allowing me to catch up with the industry allowing me to push ahead in my field.”

The placements that require physical attendance have been organized flexibly to accommodate everyone in the UK Space Agency program.

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