UK Space Agency Partners with Multiple Companies to Create and Launch a Scottish Solar Panel

1st Jul 2020
UK Space Agency Partners with Multiple Companies to Create and Launch a Scottish Solar Panel

Glasgow has remained a global hub for satellite manufacturing and is known for building the UK Space Agency’s first national satellite, which launched in 2014. These accomplishments have been made possible by AAC Clyde Space, whose expertise in space technology will now support the UK space agency’s plan for this country to become the leading small satellite launch destination in the European Union. 

The UK Space Agency has funded multiple projects in a bid to improve the UK’s spaceflight capabilities and develop the technology and infrastructure required to launch the small satellites. An example of the UK Space Agency’s partners is Moog. This US company is developing a Small Launch Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (SL-OMV) in Reading, Berkshire, on behalf of Lockheed Martin. Moog has chosen AAC Clyde Space to develop a solar panel that will power the SL-OMV in a £340,000 contract that will see the first flight mode delivered in early 2021.

The UK Space Agency will go the extra mile to make the country the destination of choice for launching small commercial satellites

The UK Space Agency is willing to partner with both national and international experts to come up with a competitive space launch industry in the UK. Scotland is home to among the most innovative space companies and potential spaceports and that the UK is, therefore, a prime position for launching small satellites. Moog, one of the UK Space Agency’s partners, has been making systems and components for space vehicles and satellites for more than 60 years and has recently advanced its Reading facility to accommodate the development of the SL-OMV.

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