Scotland space sector is steadily winning European race for leadership

30th May 2020
Scotland space sector is steadily winning European race for leadership

Scotland’s space sector is one of the most rapidly developing industries not only in Great Britain but also in Europe. Scottish Conservative Edward Mountain recently highlighted that the nation produces more spacecraft than all of Europe combined. The only area ahead of Scotland in satellite production is California, and that is something to be proud of.

Scotland space industry: current state & future potential 

Scotland space industry boasts over 130 companies — not only local ones but also representative offices of the leading UK organisations.

Innovation Minister Ivan McKee suggests that total generated income from Scotland space industry should reach £4 billion by 2030. However, to reach this figure, the country needs to prioritise the completion of its planned spaceports. The first launch site should be ready by 2021.

Glasgow, without any doubt, is at the heart of Scotland’s space sector. This city has most company headquarters and is home to a fifth of all UK’s space industry jobs. More importantly, Glasgow produces more small sats than any other place in Europe. 

Scottish Labour MSP David Stewart states that Brexit should not stand in the way of Scotland and its enormous space potential. Even today, the numbers are already impressive, and anyone can observe the steady growth of this promising country. Highlands and Islands Enterprise act as one of the key players in the Scotland space industry, and many startups are appearing on the scene.

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