Virgin Orbit CEO Talks About Their Plans to launch from UK

18th May 2020
Virgin Orbit CEO Talks About Their Plans to launch from UK

President and CEO of Virgin Orbit, Dan Hart, has been fondly talking about his intention to launch the company’s rocket into space from UK soil. The launch is now scheduled to commence in 2 years. Spaceport Cornwall, located in Newquay airport, will be the takeoff place. Funding has already been received from the UK Space Agency and County Council of Cornwall. 

Dan Hart of Virgin Orbit on the COVID-19 Impact

The first project will comprise horizontal launches that will take small satellites to space, and this will be done from a modified Boeing 747. Initially, the company had scheduled the first launch to take place just next year—the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a delay.

Speaking on the impact of the virus on this operation, Dan Hart of Virgin Orbit admitted that the virus had prevented them from starting the next phase of the launch. The phase is about constructing the necessary equipment that would be needed at Spaceport Cornwall.  

Dan Hart also spoke on his belief in the UK space industry, confident that the Spaceport Cornwall project will be successful.

At the beginning of April, Virgin Orbit concluded the final flight test over southern California. The company used a carrier plane built with a rocket incorporated under a wing. Virgin Orbit hopes to conclude plans of launching the first satellite into space very soon, after the coronavirus pandemic.

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