Scotland in Space: Tim Peake Held Live Webinar with Students in Scotland

18th May 2020
Scotland in Space: Tim Peake Held Live Webinar with Students in Scotland

You can’t talk about Scotland in space without mentioning Tim Peake, the seventh Brit to visit space. Tim, a former member of the international space crew, spoke to more than 2000 students over a webinar session. Scotland’s Space industry was the main topic.

The Students Listened To Info About Scotland’s Space Industry

At the beginning of the year, schools from all over Scotland joined a competition where the winning students would be part of a Q&A live interview with the famous astronaut.

The participants were tasked with a Scotland space challenge where they had to submit a video, talking about the issue of global warming, climate and environmental challenges. They were to invent a solution to this problem.

Two schools came out on top in the competition, Mintlaw Academy and Kemnay Academy. Only pupils from both schools will take part in this session with Tim Peake.

The webinar also served as a replacement for two other events that got cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. The events were supposed to take place in Aberdeen and Edinburgh in March.

What Tim Peake Talked About

Some of Tim Peake’s discussions include how these children can become astronauts, his experience in STEM-related subjects to help them realise their dreams. Aside from Scotland space, Tim Peake also talked on other related career opportunities they can pursue with STEM-related subjects.

The whole session was organized by the Data and AI innovation centre, Data Lab. This is in a bid to equip students on what they need to know about Scotland space and how they can impact it tomorrow.

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