Shetland Space Centre provide update for the Unst Community

16th May 2020
Shetland Space Centre provide update for the Unst Community

Even though work has continued at the Shetland Space Centre, it has expectedly not been business as usual. An update has been provided on how the team was going about its business during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also mentions how projects have been affected.

The project team is handling most of the work, and they have been working remotely for a long time now. However, the effort of the team is commendable, especially in times like this.

Shetland Space Centre Efforts and Government Measures

The government has been helpful with some measures they have organized to make sure that projects in the Shetland Space Centre can continue. This has aided virtual communication a lot.

But nothing can replace direct human interaction, and as much as this would have been perfect for the consultation at hand, the lockdown means that it is impossible. So, last week a virtual consultation took place online. A preplanning application notification, PAN, for the consultation was submitted to the council. Also, by now, two pamphlets that contain details of this have been delivered to the entire Unst community.

It is essential to know that this is not the complete PAN. The Shetland Space Centre will still undergo various types of studies, such as health and safety, Environmental Impact Assessments, Transportation, etc.

A concise guide for the whole project has been provided, and this will be strictly adhered to. Furthermore, the Shetland Space Centre will finalize all of these when the lockdown situation becomes better.

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