UK Space Agency Looks to Help With Drone-to-Door Treatment for COVID-19

12th May 2020
UK Space Agency Looks to Help With Drone-to-Door Treatment for COVID-19

Recently, the UK Space Agency and Manna Aero have joined forces with the health sector to help with the delivery of drugs and other vital supplies. The target is vulnerable people, especially those in rural areas. It’s impressive how industries and sectors have come in to assist the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic battle.

How Will The UK Space Agency Help?

The UK Space Agency will investigate how to create air corridors between various locations in the near future. Some drones used were manufactured in Wales. The NHS is thinking of taking this a step further—for the drones to be used in conducting Coronavirus tests in the UK.

There has been an announcement that supplies would be made to some specific places during this pandemic. On the same note, healthcare centers in Florida, USA, will also get some of their ordered prescriptions via drones—with the help of UPS. Hopefully, the UK Space Agency’s plan will work.

Drone Features

Bobby Healy, Manna Aero CEO, said that he prefers to refer to the drones as aircraft, and they are very safe for this purpose. The drones fly on batteries and aircraft technologies. They also have 1 failure in about 10 million flights and a parachute to descend slowly in case of a crash. This is very important since the UK Space Agency is committed to ensuring all safety measures are in place. Describing the drones, Bobby Healy said that they are not necessarily beautiful or speedy, but they are very safe for the purpose at hand. They are also built to be autonomous with a pilot on the ground to intervene when needed. To harness the whole process, the UK Space Agency is thinking of creating airway corridors to battle the coronavirus pandemic with drones.

Recent Update: UK Space Agency Supports The Delivery Of Covid-19 Testing Kits With Space-Enabled Drones.

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