Scotland space industry jobs & opportunities

12th May 2020
Scotland space industry jobs & opportunities

The UK is one of the top ten space countries producing small satellites. Thousands of people work in the space industry, producing spacecraft and component parts. However, the UK space industry development does not stop here, since this country is also working on the construction of space launch vehicles and its own launch sites. 

Commissioning spaceports will require hundreds of specialists to service equipment and facilities, as well as professionals involved in the development and implementation of new advanced technologies. This means that the Scotland space industry needs more human talent. Let’s see which experts are welcome in the space industry. 

Which experts are in demand in the space sector?

New recruiting agencies are searching for qualified staff and promoting the space industry’s role in the local economy. Websites publish interviews with successful experts who share their experience in the field and give employment advice.

Launching satellites from local facilities is a new step for the UK’s space industry, so the following professions are in growing demand:

  • scientists
  • programmers
  • architects
  • designers
  • engineers
  • constructors
  • analysts
  • operators

Space is in constant need of scientists. Astronomy and astrophysics experts should analyze data obtained from satellites and monitor the influence of weather conditions and a changing climate on Earth’s life. Getting a job at a research institute or space astronomy center is not easy, but possible, especially if you consider that the UK has plenty of research facilities. 

Business analysts are also in demand. Space companies expect them to develop business plans, forecasting, and generally manage opportunities at scale.

No experience necessary 

Scotland space sector does not only hire experts. It also welcomes young graduates without any work experience. Job boards are always on the lookout for engineers, programmers, system administrators, graphic designers, and managers. Companies have several requirements for applicants, including theoretical knowledge base, team working skills, and desire to grow professionally.

Such a variety of job openings implies that the UK space industry is growing ever more rapidly. This gives students a chance to choose the right career path and be confident that Scotland space industry jobs await them. 

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