Weird Space News: People confused by Elon Musk baby name – X Æ A-12

6th May 2020

SpaceX founder, Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes had a baby boy this week (Monday 4th May 2020) and when pushed for the baby’s name, Musk suggested that the baby was called X Æ A-12.

It didn’t take long before this was trending on twitter with most people taken aback by the unusual name and wondering whether it was a joke or not. But, Grimes cleared it all up… well, almost.

Part of the name was in reference to a Lockheed Martin plane (A-12) used by the CIA.

But it still hasn’t become clear whether or not it was a joke (we believe it was). Twitter, however, didn’t care whether it was a joke or not and continued to mock the name.

Find out more at the BBC website:

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