People in Space: Miles Carden: from surveyor to Cornwall spaceport chief

1st May 2020
People in Space: Miles Carden: from surveyor to Cornwall spaceport chief

Spaceport Cornwall near Newquay is one of the five most promising space projects the UK initiated in the last few years. It is no coincidence that Miles Carden, a certified surveyor with 30 years of experience in real estate and economic development, was chosen to lead the project.

During his career, Miles Carden worked both in the public and private sectors. He offered innovative solutions and improved operations on such major restoration and development projects as Eden, the Cornwall National Maritime Museum, and the Combined Universities in Cornwall.

In 2010, Miles joined the Aerohub team at Cornwall Development. First, he led a large investment program to build an aerospace cluster, and now he has devoted all his efforts to creating and developing Spaceport Cornwall.

“I have a passion for Cornwall and a desire to help transform its economy,” says Miles Carden.

Cornwall’s scientific potential development

The spaceport boss’ professional activity is not limited to the development of Cornwall spaceport alone. He is also concerned about the scientific and educational potential of the region. That is why the Spaceport Cornwall project organizes many scientific events in local schools.

The main goal here is to demonstrate the space industry potential. Miles is confident that the space industry will affect all further regional development. So, now is the right time to educate a new generation of skilled, talented people. 

One of Miles Carden’s ambitions is to launch an educational satellite. Local schools will be responsible for its design. In the future, this satellite may serve as a scientific project. Miles plans to get this satellite ready for 3-4 launches from Newquay.

Miles Carden assumes that at some point in the distant future, Newquay may operate suborbital tourist flights. However, it is not expected to happen in the next decade. Miles objectively analyzes the situations and believes that such launches call for a well-developed infrastructure and legal framework. Spaceport Cornwall will need some time to implement both.

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