UK Space Agency Keen to Offer Space-Based Solutions against COVID-19

27th Apr 2020
UK Space Agency Keen to Offer Space-Based Solutions against COVID-19

The UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA) have issued an open call to come up with solutions that can help the National Health Service (NHS) manage the coronavirus pandemic in a much better way. It is possible to use several solutions like Earth observation satellites, satellite navigation, communication, and more. So far, these applications have been used for improving our daily life, but now it is time for such technologies to help the NHS, according to the science team of the UK Space Agency.

The Fight Against Disasters

Amanda Solloway, the UK science minister, has also backed this plan by claiming that this sector in the United Kingdom remains one of the best in the world. This is also thanks to the UK Space Agency. It has been able to successfully apply data and satellite technology to overcome many challenges that have been faced on Earth. Some of these challenges have been seasonal like natural disasters, but it is also possible to use their advantage in fighting against infectious diseases.

The UK Space Agency Helps

The UK Space Agency will be providing a £2.6 million fund to help kickstart this new initiative. This funding is expected to bring together many intelligent minds, who can develop practical solutions that can help the industry sector come up with the ways to support the NHS.

Meanwhile, the European Space Agency has already partnered with Italy to come out with support for the COVID-19 outbreak, as the country is one of the worst-hit spots around the world—and the UK Space Agency follows suit.

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