SpaceX Gets into Partnership with Exolaunch for Small Satellite Launch

27th Apr 2020
SpaceX Gets into Partnership with Exolaunch for Small Satellite Launch

SpaceX has been on a launch spree, and they have recently been able to get a contract with ExoLaunch for a multi-spacecraft small satellite launch. Exolaunch is based in Berlin, and they have agreed to come up with the sending into the orbit of more than 100 satellites for different customers. So far, it has not been able to agree on any contract with SpaceX. As a result of this new program, SpaceX Falcon nine unit will be used as the launch vehicle for different client payloads from ExoLaunch, whose commercial director admitted that the program could significantly reduce the costs for the company.

Small Satellite Launch Progress from ExoLaunch

The company is in the process of coming up with price efficient rideshare options outside the United States, as there is a very strong need for this. Anyone in the tech world needs a small satellite launch now. A number of micro-units with payloads below 100 KG and several CubeSats will be accommodated as part of the program. The small satellite launch options on the market are becoming increasingly more diverse. Customers would include several smallsats from Europe and the US. So far, the exact number of units that will be part of the program is not known, and the status with their manufacturer is also unknown. However, ExoLaunch will be going on a signing spree to get customers for the small satellite launch mission of December 2020.

Meanwhile, SpaceX’s vice president for commercial sales, Tom Ochinero, revealed that the company is pleased to partner with ExoLaunch.

The typical CubeSats from the latter will range between 1 to 50 kg. It should not be a surprise if they progress to sending larger rockets in the future. However, for now, the focus will stay on the small satellite launch options.

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