Space Industry steps up to the mark in helping to tackle Covid-19

6th Apr 2020
Space Industry steps up to the mark in helping to tackle Covid-19

In the midst of the current Corona virus crisis that is sweeping across the world, there are many companies in the Space Industry that seem to be stepping up to repurpose their expertise and resources in a collective effort to help struggling health services.

We mentioned in an earlier article that Virgin Orbit had allocated resources to the manufacture of ventilators for distribution to the US health & personal care services.

Cornwall based ground station , Goonhilly also went into production to supply protective face visors to local GP practices…

Goonhilly Earth Station also provided computing capabilities as part of a collective effort to support the fight against Covid-19…

The UK, like almost every other nation, is currently battling with COVID-19, and whilst it is doing all it can in a desperate attempt to stop the spread of the virus it is one of many countries struggling with shortages in medical and health supplies.

The UK currently has the sixth-highest number of cases of the pandemic in Europe, and the Prime Minister imposed a complete lockdown across the country.

The Prime Minister called for help from all business sectors, and Virgin Orbit, Goonhill Earth Station and Skyrora, have all stepped up to assist with the fight against the virus.

Skyrora were recently reported to have allocated resources to the production of hand sanitizer that will be distributed to health services and frontline workers.

The UK is struggling with the virus in the face of dwindling medical supplies, so the support from businesses in the space sector will come as a welcome move.

Skyrora have also announced that they are 3D printing face visors which are currently going through rigorous testing prior to mass production and distribution.

It’s not only the space industry that have stepped up to help. Scottish brewing company, BrewDog also started manufacturing hand sanitizer that they distributed for free.

It is encouraging to see the collective effort of the UK space industry in helping to tackle this horrendous virus.

We applaud you all.

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