Space industry celebrates Black Arrow 50th Anniversary at Farnborough

5th Mar 2020
Black Arrow

Yesterday (4th March 2020) people from all across the space industry gathered at the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first successful launch into space.

Black Arrow rocket
The Black Arrow first stage recovered from Australian desert by Skyrora.

The Black Arrow rocket was launched on 4th March 1970 from a launch pad in Australia, successfully depositing a satellite into orbit.

The UK Space Agency and Scottish launch company, Skyrora put together the celebration at the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum, where the original Black Arrow rocket was put on display, with one of the original engineers doing a talk about his time working on the Black Arrow vehicle.

The first stage section of the Black Arrow was recovered by Skyrora from the desert in Woomera, Australia, from where it was initially launched.

Black Arrow rocket
Black Arrow prior to launch in 1970.

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