People in Space: Catriona Francis, International Liaison Director, Orbex

4th Mar 2020
People in Space: Catriona Francis, International Liaison Director, Orbex

Catriona Francis is one of the few women in lead positions in the UK Space Industry. Although the company she works for, Orbex, have previously been called out for being too male, pale & stale in a world where we aim to demonstrate more diversity and gender balance. There is a concerted campaign to get improved gender balance across all areas of science, and we look forward to seeing more women in prominent roles, particularly in Space.

Catriona has secured herself a senior position in one of the UK’s new launch system providers in this very male dominated industry.

Previously a Grants Engagement Manager at the UK Space Agency, Catriona Francis joined Orbex Space in November 2018, shortly after a significant grant from her department at the UK Space Agency was awarded to Orbex.

Catriona Francis is a frequent speaker at Space industry events and was one of the key panel guests at the New Space Atlantic Summit back in June 2019 in the Azores, where Orbex are planning to launch their Prime rocket.

Catriona’s previous career also involved some time in Aviation as a Principal Airport Planner with Jacobs, so it’s evident that with her considerable background she will make a great contribution to the new UK Space industry.

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