Glasgow based Space startup, Alba Orbital, announces new Ground Station service

10th Feb 2020
Glasgow based  Space startup, Alba Orbital, announces new Ground Station service

With Scotland continuing to lead the way in Europe’s renewed space industry ambitions, there is rarely a week that passes without some kind of update from one of the country’s many Space-related businesses. This week we see Glasgow-based, Alba Orbital, a pioneer of miniaturized satellites announce its AlbaConnect service, a new Rapidly Deployable combined UHF/S Band Ground Station System for a global satellite network which allows clients to control satellite communications and process data without having to worry about building, leasing or managing their own satellite ground station infrastructure.

The AlbaConnect service provides secure satellite access and a turn-key solution to satellite communications optimised for pico-satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) using UHF/S Band frequencies, democratising access to space in the process.  Customers can either buy access to Alba Orbital’s own infrastructure or can purchase their own Rapidly Deployable Ground Station at a competitive price. “As accessing Ground Stations or other Ground Infrastructure can be very expensive, the Glasgow company aim to provide a commercially viable alternative at what they claim will be a competitive price according to Tom Walkinshaw, CEO & Founder at Alba Orbital Ltd. “AlbaConnect fills in the gaps for teams looking to deploy their MVPs in orbit for the first time”.

According to the company the features and benefits of AlbaConnect include: A complete ground station solution for those looking to communicate with low-earth orbiting satellites (LEO).  A steerable UHF/S-Band antenna system.  Compact, portable and rapidly deployable setup. Capable of delivering telemetry, tracking and control to users during the complete satellite lifespan. AlbaConnect will be available starting from Q2 2020.

The AlbaConnect Rotor test.
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