Bizarre Space News: Peter Madsen, jailed Co-founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals marries exiled Russian artist

16th Jan 2020
Peter Madsen

In a news item published on the BBC website, it has been revealed that the Co-founder of the amateur rocket group, Copenhagen Suborbitals, Peter Madsen, has married the exiled Russian artist, Jenny Curpen.

We wrote about Peter Madsen in a recent article about his fellow co-founder, Kristian Von Bengtson, who is now a Co-founder of rocket launch company, Orbex, alongside German based entrepreneur, Chris Larmour.

Peter Madsen set up the amateur rocket group with Von Bengtson in 2008, but both of them left the group in 2014. Madsen was convicted of the murder of journalist Kim Wall three years later and Kristian Von Bengtson went on to form Orbex with Larmour following a number of unsuccessful crowdfunding projects.

From his prison cell near Copenhagen, Peter Madsen had been seeking penpals and had attracted a number of admirers including Ms Curpen, who is currently living in Finland having been exiled from Russia for being part of an Anti-Putin news website that was banned in the country.

In the BBC article, Ms. Curpen denied the marriage was part of a bizarre “art project”.

The group of amateur rocket enthusiasts at Copenhagen Suborbitals continued to work together after the departure of Kristian Von Bengtson and Peter Madsen, and recent announcements from them suggest they are getting up to some pretty serious stuff…

In March of last year the group published a video of a large rocket launch from a floating platform in the Baltic Sea with a “crew capsule” incorporated into the vehicle design.

Impressive launch from Copenhagen Suborbitals. Credit: Copenhagen Suborbitals

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