Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin perform 12th test launch of New Shepard

12th Dec 2019
New Shepard Crew Cabin

Yesterday (11th December 2019), Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos successfully launched his New Shepard rocket as part of the Blue Origin project to provide a space tourism service.

Having delayed the launch, which was meant to take place on Tuesday 10th December, the New Shepard successfully took off from a location in Texas with no human passengers on board.

Having separated from the first stage, the booster rocket that will act as the crew capsule then successfully made its way back to earth. This was the 6th successful test for the booster, making Blue Origin the leading project in reusable rockets around the globe.

Blue Origin have make significant progress in their moves towards space tourism and have cemented their position in what is going to be a growing market. We will watch them with great interest as they take the journey towards sending their first passengers into space.

The New Shepard crew cabin lands back on Earth.
The New Shepard crew cabin successfully lands back on Earth.

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