Space is the key to tackling climate change

13th Sep 2019
Space is the key to tackling climate change

Climate change is fast becoming one of the most prominent topics of discussion across the globe with organisations becoming more vocal and active in recent times.

One of the true solutions to tackling the earth’s environmental problems is to increase the number of satellites and more advanced monitoring systems in order to give us the information needed in order to act accordingly.

We know that weather patterns are changing dramatically and we have evidence of changes to the world’s ice masses at the poles, but it will only be with accurate data that we can fully measure all of the impacts of climate change to water levels, crops and wildlife. And it is with this data that we will be best positioned to make suitable changes to our activities in order to significantly contribute towards a more sustainable way of life.

The UK Space Agency is one of the many organisations across the world that recognises the need for a drastic increase in our earth monitoring activities in the battle to tackle potentially destructive changes to the earth’s patterns.

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